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The way2weallth is a financial simulation where the you are student and the lessons last a lifetime. The main objective of way2weallth is to provide a stimulating, fun-filled, learning environment where you and your family can feel safe exploring and learning the various principles, information and skills needed to create a financially successful and responsible life.

Who are you ?

    We are sure that a simple fable will help you to know. The story of kolu and goalu. This is the story of two buddies... Kolu and Goalu. Kolu has this strong belief that if he has to succeed in his life there is no other option than to work harder continuously.

     So Kolu starts sweating out with determination and hard work. Initially he starts earning some money and support his family. Unfortunately, as days passed he works harder and harder to fulfill his and his family growing demands. More he works hard, little he earns more. Ultimately, he gets exhausted, unhappy and unfulfilled Usually for many this tedious process starts in very young age and continues till the retirement. Still for many the riddle remains unsolved. “what exactly went wrong ?! despite working so hard why I’m still not rich ?!”.

    This same puzzle is the only thing which grew with Kolu. Goalu on the other hand has a very smart way to look at his life. He is very sure that to grow rich “his money has to work hard for him”, and for the same he starts acquiring new financial skills and learn innovatively. He starts managing his money and as a result his income too starts increasing. The need to work hard starts diminishing with his growing income. He starts getting more time for himself for his family and society. Within small span of time he not only enjoys his riches but starts living a true prosperous life. So who are you really ??

Where are you really ?


or are u on


or are u really enjoying


Why 98 % of wealth is in hands of 2% of people ?

    There are many reasons . but majority of 98% of people are financially not literate. They are not educated about money in schools neither in their homes.

    Way2weallth is not a game, Way2wealth is a real life financial simulation. “way2wealth” is changing the face of financial literacy. We want kids and teens and their parents to understand the truth about money…that it is simply a tool to reach your dreams and a tool to help others reach theirs.

Why way2weallth ?

    “Education is when u know what is car or what plane is…but training occurs while actually driving” Professionals like doctors, lawyers get education in college and gets trained while doing internship or practice.

    But only few lucky ones gets educated or trained in creating real wealth. True Learning happens with mistakes, But everyone of us can not afford committing financial mistakes and learn. Also, incurring of financial loss can be dangerous as well. This makes learning anything regarding money very challenging and “you” getting out of ““money trap”” becomes really becomes difficult .

     Even in this situation, you can learn the technique of creating the money tree through “way2wealth”. You get to know that financial richness is not rich life, you become richer through your contribution towards life, health, family etc along with money.

Why is it effective for teaching adults about money?

    Think of it this way…when you teach a child something for the first time, they say, “Ah, I see. Cool.” When you teach adults about money…a subject most adults desperately need to know and understand…they quickly realize the ramifications of not learning the information as a child. It is generally a profound and emotional response.

    Playing way2weallth allows adults to access their “beginner’s mind” and learn without judging themselves for what they don’t know. Adults who play way2weallth tend to get into action once they KNOW what to do with their money and are able to create financial security and freedom in their lives.

     The simple fact is we learn better when we’re having FUN, matter how old we are! Way2weallth is going change the face of financial literacy…around the world. We want kids and teens (and their parents) to understand the truth about money…that it is simply a tool to reach your dreams and a tool to help others reach theirs.

How way2weallth will help ?

    Way2weallth helps you to understand complex concepts of financial world in very effective and easy way You can commit a few financial mistakes while taking the experience of “way2wealth” and learn many new things. You can understand the impact of the mistakes you did in past on your real life and take affirmative action about the same. You will be able to understand all these seemingly difficult things very easily and in a very less time.

     Use the teachings that you got through “way2wealth” in your real life and reach upon the highway of richness faster. “way2wealth”Makes financial education engaging, fun, and interactive. So… Experience “way2wealth” with your family… Become rich and prosperous faster.

Why way2weallth is so best for you ?

It's experiential...even kids 'labeled' with learning disabilities learn from this highly active financial game.

It can be used as a traditional school programs, home school curriculum, day camps, after school programs, youth groups events, youth leadership events, nonprofit youth organizations.

It is effective and easy to tailor for age groups from 10 years old to adult.

It can be modified to fit any length program; from 3 hours to several days.

It can be used as a stand-alone financial education program or used under an existing education umbrella.

It teaches the financial principles wealthy families teach their children when they want to make sure they know how to be good stewards of their inheritances.

It explains how to quickly and effectually teach a room of students (young and old) basic money principles they must know to be financially successful.

It can be used in an employer sponsored financial education program for employees (Note: Don't want to teach it yourself? Hire one of our Creative Wealth Coaches to come in and do it for you.)

People call this 'the best' financial literacy program because our participants don't take notes. They learn with their whole bodies and the lessons they learn about money and investing last forever.

Easy to alter for any culture or age group.

Easy to expand by adding additional financial lessons activities you may already have and enjoy teaching.

Benefits Of “Way2weallth”

  • Involves left and right brain, the lessons of learnings W2w last a lifetime.
  • Makes u understand the complex finanaces concepts in very easy way.
  • Learn keys of personal fianances, personal money management.
  • Links education more directly to action-taking by embedding events and opportunities for real-world.
  • Serves as ideal activities on days prior to holidays or breaks that are often more challenging to engage students in traditional lessons.
  • To think differently about money and investing than previous generations.
  • Enhance individual’s ability to make money through his/her own genius and creativity, whether in a job or entrepreneurial endeavor.
  • No better way to learn than by doing. Way2wealth is a revolutionary new way to teach financial education to anyone needing the basics that most of us didn’t learn at home, or at school

The more you play way2wealth more quickly you will be rich and prosperous

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